Ozzy Osbourne posts 20th anniversary edition of ‘Down To Earth’, shares rare songs


Today (October 15), the master of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, released the 20th anniversary edition of his solo album, Down to earth.

To celebrate the release, the musician shared three tracks previously unavailable for streaming – “No Place for Angels”, “Dreamer” (acoustic version) and “Gets Me Through” (single version) – which fans can purchase here and listen to. below .

Down to earth, which was released in October 2001, was certified platinum and was Osbourne’s eighth album. He reached No.4 on the Billboard Top 200 in the United States

Last month Osbourne released the expanded edition of his solo album, Stop crying, and he also announced plans and new guitarists for the release of his upcoming solo album, which has no title yet.

The expanded Down to earth track list:

1. Pass me through

2. Confront Hell

3. Dreamer

4. No easy way out

5. That I never had

6. You know… (part 1)

7. Junkie

8. Lack of time

9. Black illusion

10. Alive

11. Can you hear them?

12. ** No room for angels

13. ** Dreamer (Acoustic Version)

14. ** Allows me to switch (Single version)

** previously unavailable for streaming


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