Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament creates skate parks for kids in rural Montana


There are some things you just can’t do when you’re on the road with one of the most famous rock bands on the planet. When you are the bassist and co-founding member of Pearl Jam, like Jeff Ament, a lot is expected of you.

But during a pandemic, that’s a different story.

Ament, The New York Times reported, recently used much of his recent free time to create skate parks for kids in rural Montana while Pearl Jam was on the sidelines for much of 2020 and into 2021. (The group has performed more recently, however, including with famous artist, Brandi Carlile).

The bassist, the Times reports, paid or helped pay for 27 skate parks, most of which are in Big Sky State. He also helped create three more in South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

“It’s much more important than skateboarding,” Ament said, adding, “You teach kids to stand up when they fall.”

Ament, 58, also told the Times, “If you are in a remote rural area or come from a broken home, you are going to fall a lot.”

Ament even has a Twitter thread dedicated to his skateboarding work, which features Pearl Jam material:

“As promised, a few new special items will be available for @PearlJam at Ohana Encore this weekend. Limited edition bridges. Limit (1) per customer. Only available indoors,” the Tweet read.

To learn more about Ament and to read the full article, check out the full article here.


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