Qatar University launches competition to discover musical talent


Director of Student Activities of QU Abdullah Al Mulla (second from right) and Director of Music Affairs Center of the Ministry of Sports and Culture Khaled Al Salem (right) with other officials during a press conference .

Doha: The Student Activities Department of Qatar University (QU) is launching the first edition of the Awtar 2022 competition today, in cooperation with the Center for Music Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Culture.

The competition aims to broaden students’ cultural awareness, foster their musical sensitivity, and identify and develop their creative abilities. The competition will run until October 3, 2023.

Abdullah Al Mulla, Director of Student Activities at QU, said that this competition targets QU students who are talented in playing oud or piano. He said: “The beginnings of the competition are in the context of the student life plan, which supports and strengthens the skills of students, the extracurricular activities of university life. This competition, now in its first year, offers students a promising chance to develop their musical and artistic abilities, to feel personally empowered and to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally.

“Through this competition, we also seek to discover musical artistic talents specialized in the oud and the piano at the university, because these instruments are considered among the oldest musical instruments.”

“At the end of the competition, we hope to identify musical artistic talents, help participants hone their musical abilities, and inspire young people to participate in a creative atmosphere that will enhance their sense of national pride. I can only express my gratitude for your major contributions in the fields of artistic and musical production. We really appreciate the important role the Music Affairs Center staff played in organizing this competition and the tremendous work done by the Ministry of Culture to ensure its success,” added Al Mulla.

Khaled Al Salem, Director of the Center for Music Affairs, said: “The Awtar competition, which is launched today in partnership between the center and student activities at Qatar University, follows a series of previous partnerships. and in the plans to come which contain many ideas. on the agenda for future activities between the two parties.

Al Salem added: “As for the function of the center in this competition, it is to give all its technical support as the official competent authority of the country, starting with determining the standards by which the candidates will be chosen and evaluated, as well as providing a carefully chosen jury, such as the committee members.In addition to offering expert trainers in the field of oud and piano teaching, all are academic musicians with extensive experience in the field at the local, Gulf and even Arab level, they are also recognized scholars in the country.

Buthaina Al Janahi, Head of the University’s Culture and Arts Department, said, “Together with the Music Affairs Committee and the Ministry of Culture, today we announce the start of the first Awtar competition. This competition aims to identify and develop the skills of students while encouraging them to participate actively, in particular in the promotion of national identity through technical levels and knowledge of creation in the creative and musical fields.

“Of course, there will be three stages to the competition. Today marked the start of the first stage, so now we will focus on recruiting as much talent as possible. The stage of judging and preparing the competitors for the final stage will also be included in the second stage. The three qualified winners will be revealed during the final phase.

Artist Nasser Sahim, Jury Member and Deputy Executive Director of Qatar Orchestra, revealed the Jury Members, who are Mohammed Al Marri, Music Distributor and Composer and Mohammed Al Banna, Composer.

Sahim explained that the purpose of launching this competition is to discover the artistic and musical talents specializing in oud and piano of university students, as it is an opportunity for students to express their artistic talents and musical creativity.


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