Radiohead unveils new track “Follow Me Around”


As devoted Radiohead fans know, “Follow Me Around” has been a part of the band’s unofficial canon since 1998, when the song appeared in the touring documentary. Meeting people is easy. Other than a film appearance and various live performances, the track was never officially released. Until today, November 1st.

“Follow Me Around” was finally released in the Aether with an accompanying music video, which stars actor Guy Pearce (Memento, LA Confidential, Easttown Mare), more than 20 years after its first appearance. The track was written around the time of the band’s third studio album, OK Computer, but failed to do so on a recording or streaming platform. Now before the band’s combined reissue of albums Child A and Amnesiac, the single has finally found its place on the next album Child Amnesia.

Child Amnesia is slated for a November 5 release date and will include other never-before-seen items from the Child A and Amnesiac time. In September, Radiohead dropped another hidden gem titled “If You Say the Word”.

Watch the first official music video for “Follow Me Around” performed by Radiohead, below. The video was produced by Us and stars actor Guy Pearce.

Photo credit: Andy Wilshire


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