Reba McEntire rescued from collapsed staircase in Oklahoma


Reba McEntire was rescued by firefighters after a stairwell collapsed in Oklahoma.

McEntire, 66, was visiting a historic building in Atoka, Oklahoma with her boyfriend Rex Linn to research a future project when the stairwell connecting the second and third levels collapsed, leaving the artist and several others in the building trapped on several floors.

Eventually everyone in the building, including Linn and McEntire, who sustained no injuries and exited the building through a fire ladder through a second story window, were rescued, while one person was rescued. was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Local Oklahoma reporter Lisanne Anderson shared a video of firefighters rescuing McEntire through the window.

Coby Scherrill, who was also visiting the building with McEntire, said the stairs looked weak, but no one realized the gravity of the situation until it was too late. “We didn’t realize how weak he was until several people shot him,” Scherill said in an interview with a local news station in Atoka after the incident. “And then we heard the crash and saw the stairs fall.”

“It was pretty scary,” Scherill added. “I was worried about who was down there and how bad it was.”

McEntire tweeted about the incident the next day and assured fans that she and her team were safe and that no one had been hurt as a result of the collapse.

“While my team and I were in Atoka, OK yesterday to check out an old historic building, a staircase collapsed,” Reba tweeted on September 15. “Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. We were safely evacuated from the building thanks to the rapid response of the Atoka Police and Fire Departments.


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