Shelton alerts parents to bus route consolidations and stop changes


SHELTON — With the start of the new school year on Tuesday, new bus stops have come for some students.

Shelton Student Transportation Services has consolidated a number of bus routes and reconfigured some bus stops, which city officials say will “provide efficient and safe transportation” for students.

“This effort has been made with the goal of reducing the time our students spend on the bus and ensuring more efficient arrival times,” according to a joint statement from Mayor Mark Lauretti and Superintendent Ken Saranich.

This route consolidation is the result of the city-owned bus company’s work on improving service. Work began before the start of the last school year with the updating of the routes, an operation which removed some 500 names from the list and made it possible to consolidate the routes.

Bus company and school staff also received training on the Traversa school bus software.

Lauretti said the implementation of the new technology is not ready yet. The new technology, he said, will include the one-time purchase of hardware to be installed on all buses. The city will pay an annual license fee for the software.

Saranich said the bus company is fully booked, but that doesn’t mean, in some cases, absences could result in changes to daily routes.

“Even if we are full, like last year, some days it will be difficult to find replacements and we might run into problems,” Saranich said. “We’re no different than other districts…but we’re in a good place right now.”

Saranich said the key is alerting parents to the changes to help ease any anxiety during the first few days of school.

“There are significant changes to bus routes,” Saranich told members of the Board of Education at their recent meeting, adding that this could lead to complaints. “Some people may not be satisfied when the place that was in front of their house is now on the street.”

Saranich said the measures were taken “in the best interest of efficiency…in the best interest of getting the buses to school on time.

“I support the changes made by the bus company, but I know that sometimes change is difficult,” he added.

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