Singer Reveals She Was Selected To Audition For ‘American Idol’ Season 21 Judges


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Although the next season of american idol In a few months, a singer revealed that he had earned an audition with the judges. While filming follows the show’s typical schedule, auditions will be filmed later this year.

16-year-old Ellen (Ellie) Buzzard is heading to Las Vegas in September

junior high school Ellen (Ellie) Hawk recently revealed that she had been selected to audition for the american idol judges for season 21. This singer made her announcement during a performance at The Juice Box in Centralia, Washington. Ellie reportedly sent in her first audition tape at the end of June, calling the process a “long wait”.

A few weeks after sending in her audition tapes, she got a second interview with american idol producers. At the end of the audition, the producers told Ellie they would let her know if she was selected. Two weeks later, she found herself among 500 other singers on a Zoom call.

During the group call, Ellie was dragged into another audition, in a private room with an unnamed producer. Of the 500 singers, Ellie was one of nine to get another audition with executive producers.

“They just said, ‘Next time you audition, it’s going to be in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan,'” Buzzard reminded.

If Ellie’s audition airs on American Idol, fans can expect to hear an original song. Reports say Ellie performed her original song “Dimes” in her first video audition. This song was performed exclusively at The Juice Box. Reports indicate that

Who is Ellie Buzzard?

Like many American Idol contestants, it seems Ellie started singing at a young age. When she was older, she learned to play the guitar while singing. Nowadays, she’s learned to write songs and even plans to sing an original when she auditions in Las Vegas in September.

Apparently, this singer got her start performing for friends and family, but eventually made her stage debut at The Juice Box’s open mics. Since that’s where she made her debut, it’s only fitting that she made her special announcement on the spot.

american idol Season 21 is set to premiere on ABC in early 2023 with the beloved judges and host. For those looking to get on stage themselves, auditions are currently open.

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