Songwriter U: 10 Essential Online Music Marketing Tools For Songwriters


Written by Melanie Kealey

In today’s digital age, marketing music across multiple platforms is a must for a successful songwriter. As a freelance artist, being able to self-manage and build a solid fan base through numerous online tools is a process that can be both fulfilling and exhausting.

To market your music in a meaningful way, you will need to create a strategy that you can follow. Pick out the outlets that make sense for your music and be consistent. It will help you generate interest in your songs and cultivate a fan base.

So which online music marketing tools are best suited for promoting your songs? Here are ten to consider:

1. Mailing list

Even if you’re active on social media, it’s important to build your email list. Collecting email addresses is a sure-fire way to ensure that you have a direct line with a potential fan.

Maintaining your mailing list during your working years will pay off when you have a new release to promote or an upcoming tour to announce. Once someone is on your mailing list, be sure to communicate regularly and in a professional manner to nurture that relationship. This can take a long time because people rarely change their email addresses.

2. Artist’s website

While there are many free and easy ways to promote your music, don’t underestimate the power of an artist’s website. If you build a website for your music, you control the content and the experience. Your fans can always find you on your own .com, and that’s where they’ll go to learn more about you and to buy music and merchandise, without the distractions of a news feed or news feed. ‘advertisement.

Keep your music website up to date and use it as a tool to market your music in a clear and concise manner on your own terms. You can also create a digital press kit on your website and use it for active dissemination to promote your music.

3. Facebook

In the world of social media, Facebook is used by hundreds of millions of people every day. Checking the news feed is a daily habit, which means that if you market your music there, you will likely reach a lot of people who are there as well and who are used to finding news that way.

To better target your fan demographics, consider using Facebook Ads if you have something specific to promote, such as an upcoming single, album release party, or upcoming tour. This will increase the chances that interested fans will see your content and engage with your posts.

4. Instagram

Instagram has been steadily growing in popularity and is the perfect place to grow your music brand, especially if you rely on visual content with your music promotion.

There are many ways to engage an audience with your music on Instagram. Whether it’s inviting comments on your photos, filming quick stories about your life, or creating reels with your music, this platform gives fans different ways to have fun and interact with it. you.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is an easy way to immerse yourself in sharing updates because it’s designed to be personalized and out of the blue. The snaps go away after 24 hours, but it’s a fun way to connect with fans who are also using the service.

Promote your music by taking fans behind the scenes and sharing studio updates, on tour, or even chatting over coffee.

6. TikTok

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, even surpassing YouTube in average viewing time. Take advantage of the format by creating short clips that showcase your music and be sure to submit your music through your digital distributor so others can use it in their videos.

If your music is trending in a TikTok video, chances are a lot of people will hear it. You can also use TikTok to engage more with fans and build a strong brand there.

7. Twitch

As a live streaming platform, Twitch has also grown in popularity over the past year and a half. Many musicians not only perform on Twitch, but hold Q&A sessions to further engage their fans.

Consistency is the key to using Twitch to successfully market your music. You’ll want to be sure to stream regularly and also engage with the larger-scale Twitch community by supporting other live streamers.

8. YouTube

YouTube remains a constant source of musical discovery, with artists posting videos or streaming live streams on the platform. To successfully market your music with YouTube, regularly upload videos to establish your brand.

Consider playing snippets of your songs, covers to make your sound relevant, or creating videos with lyrics. The more content you add to YouTube, the better your chances of appearing in a search or being on a video playlist.

9. Spotify for artists

It’s no secret that many music fans love to stream songs using services like Spotify or Apple Music. If you want to market your music on these platforms, be sure to take advantage of the data provided by Spotify for Artists as well.

While Spotify alone probably won’t make you rich, the value of the discovery is worth noting, especially if you get a song or two on a popular playlist.

10. Bandsintown

If you are an entertainer, getting your music on Bandsintown is essential for discovery. It is the largest network that allows fans to follow your shows. With people more eager than ever to support artists and enjoy live music again, claiming your artist page and adding shows is a great way to ensure that anyone who wants to see you live can do so. .

Bandsintown also lets you sync all of your tour dates across your website, Facebook page, and other social networks, all while doing updates in one place, which adds to the ease of use.

If you are just starting to market your music online, take note of these tools and try a few. Once you’ve found a place where you can authentically create updates and enjoy the process of sharing your music, be consistent in promoting on these platforms. This will help you get a feel for where your real fans are and how to market them in an authentic way.

Melanie Kealey is the Communications Manager for the Music Website Platform Bandzoogle. In addition to overseeing the Bandzoogle blog, she regularly writes articles with helpful website tips for musicians. Melanie also coordinates external communications, including email marketing and social media. She lives in Ottawa with her two young sons and her husband, musician Tyler Kealey.


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