Spitfire Audio launches free Philip Glass piano plugin: get the sound of the composer’s grand piano in your DAW


We’re big fans of all of Spitfire Audio’s free LABS instruments, but the new Glass Piano connect – a collaboration with composer Philip Glass – sounds particularly appealing.

Powered by samples that were captured at Glass in Manhattan, New York, and released to mark his 85th birthday, this gives you the sound of his tiny grand piano, which has been in the same room since the 1990s.

It is on this piano that Glass has composed all of his works since – from his Piano Studies to the acclaimed film scores for Kundun, The Hours and Notes on a Scandal. His symphonies and operas were also conceived there.

Glass Piano comes with six presets that cover everything from “standard” grand piano sounds to more atmospheric and distorted sounds. The simple interface and command set means beginners and more experienced players alike can use it.

Speaking of his grand piano, Glass says, “My piano has been my piano for 30 years. I have a tuner that makes it sound the way I want it to sound. When I write music, and if I play it, it will be on this piano.

“It’s not just the piano and its sound. It’s the room it’s in, it’s the density of the walls and floors and the temperature. It’s how young or old a piano is. My piano has a heavy action. This is even how the keys are varnished. Just like people, pianos have personalities.

“In particular, the low parts of the piano tend to be very clean highs for me. If you look at the 88 keys, the piano is different in different places. The lower octaves of my piano aren’t meant to be bold and aggressive. They’re meant to be beautiful and witty, and that’s how they sound.

Glass Piano is available now on the Spitfire Audio website. It works on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.


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