The Marlborough musician likes to play for crowds

Local musician Jared Hanrahan traveled the world to entertain fans.

MARLBOROUGH – Many people can’t carry a melody in a bucket, as the old saying goes. But Marlborough’s Jared Hanrahan was blessed with a gift for all things music.

Hanrahan, 20, already has a decade of professional appearances on his resume, playing various instruments including guitar, bass guitar, piano, trumpet and drums.

He also writes and sings his own songs.

Since the age of 10, Hanrahan has been recognized for his talent, and he plans to pursue his career in the music world.

On stage at 10

Hanrahan’s father, David, is his son’s agent.

David Hanrahan is a videographer and unwittingly started his son’s music career when he took him to a shoot he was doing for the Steve Marshall Band in New York at a fundraiser for the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Marshall and Hanrahan became friends, and the musician suggested Hanrahan bring his two sons to the event.

“I was only 10, and he put a guitar in my hands and taught me chords from the first hour,” Hanrahan said in a recent interview. “I joined his band on stage, and it was televised in Manhattan.”

After these early days in New York, Hanrahan continued as a guitarist, performing with a variety of well-known musicians at charity events.

When it was suggested that he add singing to his repertoire, he did, eventually taking lessons for four years with Pamela Wolf, a voice professor at Brandeis University. “After two years, my voice changed and we had to start all over again,” Hanrahan said. “Now my range is from low to falsetto.”

He started learning to play the piano on his own at age 15 and he learned the trumpet in eighth grade.

From Faneuil Hall to the Cannes Film Festival

Hanrahan attended Marlborough State Schools until eighth grade. But, at that time, he was filming almost every weekend and it became impossible to go to school regularly. So he completed his high school education online.

Her schedule is filled with appearances at charity events, fashion shows and even the Cannes Film Festival.

Jared Hanrahan from Marlborough performs in a Parisian café in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Boston fashion shows paved the way for trips to Paris fashion shows.

He amused himself in the cafes in the streets of Nice.

As part of the Street Performers at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, at age 15, he performed on New Year’s Eve and was heard by NBC news anchor Phil Lipof.

Lipof chose to do a characteristic about the talented teenager.

Hanrahan appeared on American Idol in 2019 and was featured at Boston’s House of Blues.

“Touring is my favorite thing to do,” he said. “I like to play for the crowds.”

That being said, he recalled a private awards night at Gillette Stadium where he was booked to sing the national anthem.

“There were so many big celebrities there, I was really scared I’d forget the words and mess it up,” he laughed.

A sound engineer too

Six years ago, Hanrahan decided to up his game and built a home studio so he could write and produce his own songs.

Hanrahan told the Community Advocate that he hopes to release a new single in a few weeks alongside a music video.

“What no one knows is that I’m also a sound engineer,” he said. “I use Pro Tools to track piano, guitar, bass and vocals. I even produce for other artists.

Hanrahan has a video highlighting his musical appearances.

Looking for a record label

As for his future plans, Hanrahan’s goal is to tour clubs of his own across America, singing and performing his original numbers.

“I want to work as hard as possible to build up my musical portfolio, with covers and photo shoots,” he said.

He said he wanted to build his music career until he could find a record company interested in working with him.

“In the meantime, I’m going to push, market, play and publish as much as I can,” he said.

Hanrahan is on Instagram at “Jared Hanrahan”.

He has booked live performances at local venues, such as Firefly’s and Kennedy’s Pub in Marlborough, and is looking to perform locally again in the future.


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