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Fans have seen three knockouts so far in the all-new season of The Masked Singer. As the competition intensifies, the identity of one of the cutest new celebrity singers in the FOX series may have already been revealed.

Masked Singer viewers believe they already know who is posing as the Queen of Hearts before she gives her first performance next week.

Season six of the FOX talent show has already said goodbye to Dwight Howard, Vivica A. Fox and Toni Braxton.

The Queen of Hearts could be eliminated next as she will perform her first song in Wednesday’s episode.

Prior to the start of the current tournament, the series released their traditional list of accolades shared by the new celebrity cast.

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Their accomplishments range from an impressive number of Grammy and Oscar nominations to a total of 32 marriages and 20 divorces.

The Masked Singer also confirmed that some of the contestants kissed celebrities such as Sean Penn, Will Smith and even longtime judge Jenny McCarthy.

While clues to the Queen of Hearts have yet to be revealed, some fans believe she may have had an altercation with one of the aforementioned A-listers.

A Redditor named Mrs_Swoh theorized, “Queen of Hearts was thinking… maybe thinking about Madonna.”

User BlueMeconopsis said it, then added, “Oh, wow … Jewel dated Sean Penn !!”

Singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher, known professionally as Jewel, dated Penn in 1995 before marrying her ex-husband Ty Murray.

A multi-million bestseller and a frequent Billboard chart top, Jewel would also impressively cover four of the 85 Grammy nominations racked up by this year’s nominees.

Colleague Redditor 3EsandPaul agreed and said, “Jewel is late to be on TMS! I would like to.”

While the original poster replied, “SHE DID IT! ??? She was my type, third guess after Celine and Alanis.

Alanis Morissette was also a frequent suggestion after the Queen of Hearts was seen singing in French in a clip for this week’s episode, a potential reference to French alternative rock roots.

For now, fans will just have to wait to see the Queen’s first performance on Wednesday before they can start making their first official predictions.

Masked Singer Season 6 continues Wednesdays on FOX.


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