The Masked Singer US reveals two more contestants


US Masked Singer unveiled two other singers as Venus Flytrap and Gopher were both eliminated.

The first contestant to be unmasked at this week’s Hall of Fame night was Venus Flytrap.

The entertainer was eliminated after the first set of performances and revealed to be the Olympic gold medalist and two-time heavyweight champion. George Foreman.

Of the four judges, only Robin Thicke guessed correctly.


george foreman, the us masked singer


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“You know, it was really fun but it was work,” Foreman said. Weekly entertainment. “It was a job to put on a costume.

“I’m so happy because you’d think when you retire from boxing you don’t need to exercise anymore, and I went down that road for a while but continued with crunches. sit ups and push ups and stuff like that. I didn’t know when it was time for this costume, my push ups and sit ups came in handy again.

The two remaining singers – Bride and Gopher – were then tasked with the battle royal of the week, which was a rendition of “All Star” from Smash Mouth.

The Bride ended up victorious and Gopher was later unmasked as a Senior Member of Parliament-Funkadelic George Clinton. Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger guessed correctly.

gopher, the masked singer us


george clinton, the masked us singer


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“I knew it was the one I wanted”, Clinton said of his suit. “He was a cool, colorful character that would have been in P-Funk anyway.”

Previously US Masked SingerMilkshake was unmasked as American football star Le’Veon Bell and Walrus was unmasked as actor Joey Lawrence.

Other big-name celebrities revealed this season include the iconic Gloria Gaynor, star trek actor William Shatnerand vampire diary star Kat Graham.

This season has seen a number of changes from the usual formatincluding multiple unmaskings each week, battle royales and themed parties.


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