Top 10 Dwight Yoakam Songs


In the 1980s, Dwight Yoakam was making music that no one else was doing. With his undeniably thick and nasal vocal sound, and those first three studio recordings, including his much-loved debut LP Guitars, Cadillac, Etc., Etc. (1986), he exploited the sound of Bakersfield while mixing in a style all his own. Through numerous other recordings, from the 1987 sophomore effort Hillbilly Deluxe and Buenas Noches from a lonely room (1988) to Used heart (2015), he mastered the art of songwriting.

Even when he covered someone else’s track, like he did with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (a Queen original), for example, he made the song come alive with a short story. exciting way. So you can imagine how difficult it was for an American songwriter to carve out a Top 10 list. You have to give it to him, he knew how to write a hook (or find songs that fit him like a glove).

Check out our picks for Dwight Yoakam’s 10 best songs below.

10. “Honky Tonk Man”

9. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

8. “Small ways”

7. “Quick like you”

6. “It only hurts when I cry”

5. “Little sister”

4. “Isn’t it still alone”

3. “A thousand kilometers from nowhere”

2. “I sang Dixie”

1. “Guitars, Cadillac, Etc., Etc.”


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