Turtle Trample singer’s response to complaints about vaccine requirements


The lead singer of Duluth’s Trampled By Turtles has pretty much got the better of those complaining about proof requirements of a COVID vaccine or negative test to attend certain concerts live.

Dave Simonett berated the plaintiffs with a post on the group’s Instagram page, alongside a photo of an apparent anti-vaccine holding up a sign saying: “Trampled By Tyranny.”

Some of Trampled By Turtles’ recent performances alongside Chicago’s Wilco have required COVID vaccines or a negative test to attend, and in his post, Simonett fully explained why they are needed, although he said that ‘it doesn’t “feel like I should have to spell that.”

“Everyone in our company had been unemployed for a long time. Everyone. Groups, teams, managers, reservations agents, venues, sound companies, catering companies, security companies, beer vendors, cleaning companies… too many to list them, ”he said. wrote. “Now we’ve all been able to get back to work, which is wonderful. However, if people start getting COVID at concerts, it all stops for us once again.

“If any of the 25 or so people on this tour are positive, the rest of the shows are canceled. There are a lot of people who depend on these shows for their lives.”

The Star Tribune noted There was some setback when Riverfest in Grand Rapids – in which TBT played – instituted a negative vaccine / test requirement earlier this month, although some of the growls were in part due to a later concert by the band, at the Treasure Island Casino Amphitheater on September 18. , had no such requirement.

In the event that proof of negative vaccines / tests is required, Simonett acknowledges that this is an inconvenience for the fans, but it is a “price we have to pay for the shows to go on right now”.

“Believe me, I can’t wait to stop giving a damn about your personal health care choices,” he wrote. “But you’re adults. If you don’t like the demand, then don’t go to concerts yet. It’s that simple.

“I know it’s not ideal. But seriously, tyranny? Ha. There are a lot of countries in the world where you could experience real tyranny. Stop being so spoiled. We’re a bunch. have no way of inflicting tyranny on you. “


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