Tyler, the creator wins the very first cultural influence award at the BET Hip Hop Awards; Cardi B wins Best Video


On Tuesday night (October 5), at the annual BET Hip Hop Awards, rapper and producer Tyler the creator (born Tyler Gregory Okonma) took home the first ever cultural influence award. It was presented the material by legendary rapper, LL Cool J.

The 30-year-old experimental artist, who released his first LP in 2011, has been making waves especially since its release in 2019, Igor. He released his last, Call me if you get lost, earlier this year.

BET shared the moment on Twitter, saying, “Again for @Tyler the creator Congratulations to the goat for being the winner of this year’s Rock The Bells Cultural Influence Award! #HipHopAwards. “

“I love love, thank you,” Tyler said in his acceptance speech. “Wow, that was a lot. I have nothing planned at all. Playboi Carti has a line where it says, ‘bought my mom a house with that mumbling shit.‘And I always have tears in my eyes when he says that, because this thing that’s a hobby or a hobby or a passion for us, a lot of people here, that shit got us out of trouble.

He continued, “It has allowed us to change our family life, the lives of our friends, our lives. Even earlier when like Jay, Young Blue, the Wu-Tang, all this stuff was played and we were all singing the lyrics and I was like, “this community is just crazy than the things that we got to see and experience because of this thing called rap and hip hop. Where rap is like a path for a lot of us to really go, to go, to experience new shit that we really don’t know. right to see or show where we grew up.

“I really think I created my own path, but it was the people who made me realize that I can do it, who posed the model,” he said to thunderous applause. . “I wouldn’t be here or on this stage or have that silly hat or anything without the Q-Tips, the Andre 3000s, the Pharrells, the Kanye Wests, the Miss Elliots that nobody ever brings up , Busta Rhymes and the Hype Williams “who just took her to this different world. Thank you so much for opening the doors and throwing in the key. Not just opening the doors, but talking to young people like me and giving me gems and things like that. Even LL the talk he gave me there was just beautiful. To everyone here, King, Blue, it’s beautiful, and all the world continues to thrive, keep doing your shit and call me if you get lost now.

Among other accolades, the polarizing and ever-reunited rapper Cardi B took home the award for Best Video, along with Megan Thee Stallion, for “WAP.”

Cardi B, who was unable to attend the awards show, shared a video of Remy Ma accepting the award on his behalf. “Okay, but Remy looks so pretty,” she wrote with the message.

For a full list of nominees, see this link.


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