Wait, Deana Carter’s ‘Strawberry Wine’ is about WHO ?!


In 2021, Deana Carter celebrated the 25th anniversary of her debut album 5x-Platinum, Did I shave my legs for this? A towering and iconic mainstay of the country of the 90s, the project includes “Strawberry Wine”, Carter’s hymn to young love.

The singer wasn’t a co-author of the song – Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison wrote “Strawberry Wine” – but she says her subject immediately spoke to her life story. The song follows a young girl as she first falls in love, and Carter took inspiration from her first love to sing it.

Most people can relate to having a girlfriend in high school, but what makes it difficult a little most interesting is exactly who Carter remembers when she remembers hers. In high school, the country singer dated actor James Denton, who is best known for playing Mike Delfino on the ABC series. Desperate housewives.

That’s right: “Strawberry Wine” is about the small screen hunk that Carter got out of when the two were teenagers growing up in Nashville. Although Denton is best known as an actor, he’s also quite a gifted musician: he plays guitar in Band from TV, a charity cover band made up of TV actors, including his Desperate housewives co-starring Teri Hatcher.

Here’s another funny anecdote that Carter is locking her lips with a celebrity: according to American songwriter, she had a crazy experience meeting Bob Dylan while on tour as opener. Carter was a huge Dylan fan and hoped to meet the legendary singer-songwriter. So she asked someone from her team if it would be possible to arrange a meetup, and in the middle of her scale she saw someone come up and say something to the star.

“He’s stopped playing and he turns around and looks at the football field towards the buses. He turns around, puts his guitar down and starts walking, and I’m just standing next to his bus panicking,” recalls Carter. “He walks up to me and he extends his arms and he says… ‘Did I shave my legs for this?’ And he gave me that kiss on the mouth and gave me a big hug and we just had a moment. He turned and came back and started playing guitar again.

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