Walker Hayes’ ‘Face in the Crowd’ is a tribute to his family


Walker Hayes tugs at every nerve with his new song, “Face in the Crowd.”

Often drawing inspiration from a personal place with his music, Hayes again uses his wife Laney as inspiration for the track which proclaims that all that matters in life is that he has her love. The song solidifies Laney as his biggest fan, the one who hears his songs before the rest of the world, with the singer swearing that while his time in the spotlight was over he is still grateful for his family’s love and support. .

When my 15 minutes ends / And the world loves me a little less / I hope you know you’re the only one / I was trying to impress / If I sold Bryant-Denny / Made my sweet home so proud / All I ever cared about you, all I ever cared about was your face in the crowdhe sings in the chorus, the video showing clips from his live shows, including a family member doing the “Fancy Like” dance on stage.

Photo by Sarah Kohrt

Hayes says the song also represents the acceptance speech he would have given had he won the 2022 CMA Awards where he was nominated for New Artist of the Year.

“I was honored to be nominated for a CMA award, but the acceptance speech I would have given just dropped,” he shared on Instagram. “I can’t say how grateful I am for the last year of my life. It has changed a lot for me and my family, but in the end, money does not help,” he adds in a press release. “We have been doing this for a long time and we were happy when we were poor too. We’re just lucky to have each other, and that’s really all that matters.

Hayes became a household name in 2021 with his hit, “Fancy Like,” which forced Applebees to put Oreo milkshakes back on the menu and earned Hayes his first Grammy nomination. The song dominated both the Billboard Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs and reached #3 on all genres Billboard Hot 100.

Photo by Robert Chavers/EB Media


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