What is King Kyote’s real name? The Maine singer was handpicked by American Song Contest producers


American song contest is making huge rounds among the fans for its unique music contest. This is indeed huge for one of his solo contestants, King Kyote, originally named Jon King, who was approached by the show’s producers to enter one of music’s biggest contests.

American song contest is a Eurovision-inspired singing competition, where contestants, as a solo, duo or group, individually represent 50 states and six territories of the United States. Competitors perform original songs each week as part of the competition to win the nation’s vote. The winner will receive the title and a grand cash prize.

with King Kyote American song contest was inspired by coyotes

33-year-old musical artist Jon King chose the name King Kyote because he was inspired by coyotes. After reading a lot about them, he was fascinated by coyotes and their resilience to last even in harsh conditions in the wild, similar to the deep forests of Maine.

The Maine native was born in 1988 in York, Portland to an environment surrounded by dozens of guitars. King developed his love for music and reinforced it by taking music lessons while in college. He was heavily inspired by music legends like Howlin’ Wolf, The Rolling Stones and Bob Marley, who laid the foundation stone for rock and other musical genres.

He would also visit Bull Moose Music and buy CDs of Maine staples like Rustic Overtones of Portland and Jeremiah Freed.

Over the years, King has performed at many high profile venues and local Maine festivals, while performing many popular acts such as Ghost of Paul Revere, Rustic Overtones and The Mallet Brothers Band.

the American song contest The contestant lives in Maine and described his city as a very favorable place for aspiring singers to play different types of rock music.

King Kyote couldn’t believe it when he was approached by the producers of the NBC music competition. He told NBC in an interview,

“It’s one of the lesser-known states, but the talent and songwriting is exceptional.”

In fact, the show’s press release describes his talent as follows:

“Listen to a night of whiskey in a cabin among the pines of Maine, King echoes the cries of rock ‘n’ roll ancestors while having a deep-rooted harmony with the roots rock, singer-songwriter and folk genres.”

The next show American song contest will be released on March 28 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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