When Pritam ‘screamed’ after reading Kabir Khan’s script for Ranveer Singh Starrer ’83’


Music composer Pritam Chakraborty, like all other Indians who saw the cricket team lift their first World Cup in 1983, felt “super proud” after this achievement. “Before that, I mean the World Cup, I never liked cricket much. I’ve always been a football fan. I remember we only played cricket during the winter because it was so hurt when a soccer ball hit you when it was cold, ”he laughs.

“But I remember listening to the commentaries of the matches on the radio. We didn’t have a television back then. In all of our mohalla there was only one TV, and I remember that place was also very busy when India was playing in the final. I couldn’t go because I had a fever, but I remember listening to it on the radio, ”he recalls.

So when Pritam read Kabir Khan’s screenplay for ’83’, based on the events of the 1983 World Cup, he couldn’t stop crying. “There were passages where I was screaming! Especially the part where Kapil Dev scored 175 points, and there is no video footage because the BBC went on strike that day. I was on a plane to Delhi reading the script, and I couldn’t stop crying. Eventually someone came over and asked me what had happened and I was like, “Did you know that no one recorded Kapil Dev’s 175 *?” ” he says.

“I think I read the script 6-7 times. I also talked about it on Instagram, I think! It was one of the best scripts I’ve read in my career so far, ”he adds.

The combined love of nostalgia and a beautifully worded script helped Pritam create a 14-track album for the film, which didn’t have a single situation for a song. Kabir Khan had done it around a theme. “There wasn’t a single situation for a song in the movie. I had to work around the theme of the movie,” he says.

“He wanted the music to play just in the background of the games or events that were going on. Like in Hollywood movies. There’s no lip syncing or anything. But it’s like an OST version ”, adds Pritam, who also reveals, for the first time in his career of more than 20 years, having had to work on the music after the shooting of the scenes.

“I’ve never done this before in my career, so yeah, it was a different experience doing that. But that said, it was nice to see music playing in your head, when you relive those images on the screen and try to connect them with the memories you had from the same game you heard on the radio over there. ‘era,’ he concludes.


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