Why ‘AGT’ 2021 judge Simon Cowell once had his head peeled with eggs


As America has talent season 16 continues its audition process, a shock England has an incredible talent 2013 clip is circulating on social networks.

The video in question captures the surprising moment of 2013 England has an incredible talent final when violinist Nathalie Holt interrupted opera duo Richard and Adam Johnson throw eggs at Simon cowellthe head. The bizarre encounter resulted in a security guard dragging Natalie off the stage while Richard and Adam continued to sing. BGT hosts Ant & Dec later told the audience that Natalie’s stunt was not part of the opera singing act and vowed to get to the bottom of the incident.

So why is the video doing the rounds again right now? TikTok influencer @EricAtTheDisco recently posted a tweet from @UptoTask with the egg slinging clip and an interesting factoid about the now iconic BGT moment. Apparently Natalie is now the music composer for the popular Marvel show. Loki, which is streaming now on Disney +.

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As Natalie put it in a 2013 opinion piece in The Guardian, the musician was motivated to lay eggs on Simon as a “small act of protest”. In the article, she apologized for interrupting Richard and Adam, saying she didn’t want to “overshadow their moment”. Yet she maintained her actions towards Simon.

I have no desire to be famous and I am not trying to attract attention. My actions were intended as a nonviolent, egg-based protest because I think Cowell has too much power and influence in the entertainment industry. I also just wanted to make him look a little silly. I was hoping it would sound like a panto style British jape, which might generate more serious debate as well.

I have received many messages of support from well-known musicians with whom I have worked in the past, who have contacted me privately, but who do not wish to express their support publicly. Everyone is afraid to stand up to people like Cowell. I don’t personally hate him; I don’t like what he represents.

Natalie went on to say that she didn’t believe reality TV shows were “the way to find out about the next Beatles” and believes the people who benefit the most from these shows are the judges, not the talent.

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“Like many other young musicians, I studied in educational institutions which I believe really nurture talent rather than exploit it,” she continued in the piece. “However, the industry they are emerging in these days is too dominated by real talent formats such as England has an incredible talent, and the real long-term opportunities for talent are being stifled. So I felt that on behalf of musicians around the world, he was an institution and a man to stand up. “

In the end, Simon did not file a complaint against Natalie. A BGT the representative said Hollywood journalist, However, that the police were called “as a result of the misguided actions”. Although Natalie claimed she lost work to the prank in 2013, she has since continued to compose music for multiple TV series Except Loki, including Dead water has fallen, Knight’s Fall and Beecham House.

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