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Finally, Congress introduced legislation to revise terrestrial radio copyright laws. The Ask Musicians For Music Act (AM-FM) finally establish a performing right for artists and require broadcasters to obtain authorization from artists before playing their music.

Today, industry organizations, music media and many more have joined the Recording Academy and made their voices heard in support of the AM-FM law, adding to the bipartisan support it has in Washington. In fact, the bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) And in the House by Representative Jerrold Nadler (DN.Y.), and stakeholders such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and SoundExchange have already welcomed the addition.

“We commend President Nadler and Senator Blackburn for their leadership in introducing bipartite and bicameral legislation to ensure creators receive fair market value for their music across all platforms,” ​​said Mitch Glazier, President -director general of the RIAA. noted. “By requiring broadcasters to obtain permission from music creators to use their music in the same way broadcasters have the right to authorize the use of their signal – the AM / FM law addresses inequalities in law which should be corrected. “

“The AM-FM law ensures that people who make music have a protected property right in their own work by requiring broadcasters to obtain permission before transmitting recordings over the air.” added SoundExchange CEO Michael J. Huppe. “This sets the stage for meaningful market negotiations and ends the current market distortion in our laws that requires artists to subsidize the multi-billion dollar FM broadcasting industry.”

In the media, everyone from mainstream media like Billboard, Variety and Fork to more specialized industrial outlets such as Digital Music News and Complete music update, captured exciting and promising news for performers. Same local point of sale Clarksville Online also jumped in to support the new senator’s bill from their home state, citing Senator Blackburn on the importance of the AM-FM law.

“When music makers share their wonderful gift with the world, we hear songs that inspire and unite us. We need to nurture these flourishing talents and ensure that the music community is properly remunerated for their work ”, noted Senator Blackburn. “The AM-FM Act will reward singers, songwriters and musicians for their hard work when their music is broadcast on the radio. “

In a Publish entitled “What others say about the AM-FM law”, the MusicFIRST Coalition gathered positive feedback from stakeholder organizations outside the musical orbit. One such reaction, by Seth L. Cooper of the Free State Foundation, drew on the hypocrisy of broadcasters and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) which represents them by arguing that they deserve the same rights that they deny to musicians.

“Broadcasters have always defended this arrangement [not paying artists for their work] by arguing that they provide the marketing for the music that listeners then buy, ”Cooper said. “But as the industry has been disrupted by technology, sales of records and CDs have plummeted and that argument has become completely outdated. Senator Blackburn’s bill rectifies this by simply requiring broadcasters to receive permission from artists before playing a song – which would allow artists who want free exposure to get it, while others would choose to negotiate. a compensation.

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The Recording Academy has continually fought for a performing right, and its director of industry, government and member relations, Daryl P. Friedman, perhaps summed it up better by saying, “The law AM-FM will give artists control over what is rightfully theirs, their music, “

“The legislation is about consent to use content, a basic concept that the [NAB] looking for members of his own television, ”Friedman continued. “We thank Senator Blackburn and Representative Nadler for their leadership on this issue, and call on members of Congress who recognize the importance of intellectual property to join them in passing this legislation.

You can add your voice to the AM-FM law support choir by contact your members of Congress today and urging them to support this necessary legislation. For too long, American artists have missed out on the performance royalties they deserve when their music is enjoyed (and sold for commercials) on the airwaves. Now is our chance to right this wrong for music creators, broadcasters and listeners.

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