Famous Okies: Woody Guthrie


Woody Guthrie was a singer and music producer of his home in the United States. He is famous Oklahoman!

His birth date was the 14th of July 1912, in the name of Woodrow Wilson Guthrie and raised in Okemah, Oklahoma. It was named for the future president of the United States. Like Guthrie’s dad Charles, Woodrow Wilson was active in local political affairs. At one time Woodrow Wilson was a candidate for a post inside the county.

In accordance with the Woody Guthrie Center website, three major fires erupted in the time of Guthrie’s passing and had a major influence on the rest of his life.

The Guthries lost their home together as the result of the first incident.

Guthrie’s younger cousin, Clara, died as an outcome from the first.

Because of Huntington’s Disease, the third incident caused the burning of his father’s body and mother’s arrest in the local medical facility for the treatment of mental illness.

Woody as well as his brothers were fourteen when they were left to their own.

Through the war, Guthrie demonstrated a natural ability to play music. Guthrie was able to master folk and blues songs from his friends at school. To earn a living Guthrie took on odd jobs and walked the streets to earn food and money. Guthrie was able to live with his father prior to the end of his senior year at high school. Guthrie’s life was changed by an important historical moment.

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The beginning of dust storms is upon us and the weather has been called “the Dust Bowl,” as Guthrie’s weather was located in Pampa, Texas. In the course of the decade the weather was consistent.

The Dust Bowl provided Guthrie with an ideal opportunity to sharpen his musical abilities and he mastered several instruments during the period. Guthrie was often documenting the everyday struggle of working class even after relocating to California in search of jobs.

After the move into Los Angeles, he worked for his hometown radio station KFVD He also had some successes in forming an ensemble along with Maxine “Lefty Lou” Crissman. They had local success, however, Guthrie got the chance to move into New York City, where his talents as a musician was the most prominent.

Through his entire life, Guthrie wrote a plethora of folk and country songs and ballads. “Do Re Mi,”” “Pretty Boy Floyd,”” “Oklahoma Hills” along with “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know Yuh” are among his most famous songs. “This The Land Is Your Land,” one of his songs. A song that was composed in an homage to “God Bless America.”

Guthrie was a cult figure in the folk movement during its final days, and was a source of inspiration for the next generation of folk and country artists. Guthrie’s influence Guthrie is evident on the music of musicians like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and many more.

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